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3 Super-Powers for parents of 

anxious and depressed teens

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Parenting a teenager or young adult who lives with extreme anxiety and/or depression is like riding a roller coaster.  Some days you're up and others you're dipping so low you wonder if you'll ever see the top again.

This tool offers insight into 3 Super-Powers you can use to gain some stability and improve your connection and influence with your child.

Riding the roller coaster of anxiety and depression with your child can result in some pretty severe motion sickness!  


The ups and downs are unpredictable. What's viewed as comforting and helpful one day is labeled the worst idea ever the next. 


There are parts of the track that are pretty smooth with just gentle dips.  You might even feel like you and your child are making that slow but steady climb to the highest point.  And then suddenly you both plunge to the bottom.

It's exhausting, uncomfortable and terrifying.

The good news is, there are strategies that will help level things out.  Three Super-Powers for Parents of Anxious and Depressed Teens offers a framework for reducing the ups and downs and making them more manageable when they do come. 

Check it out.  And let me know what you think!

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