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Coaching with Carolyn

Creating Calm & Connection in Your Home

None of us is a perfect parent. In my experience, we spend a lot of time either cheerfully running ourselves into the ground or beating ourselves up in our effort to be the best parents we can be. My parent coaching program offers parents alternative paths to help make profound shifts in their parenting and family relationships, replacing stress and frustration with calm and connection. 

The Ultimate Parent Success Course

The program is a total of 10 weeks.  During that time, my clients will experience live, one-on-one weekly coaching calls with me along with access to the Jai Institute for Parenting Ultimate Parent Success Course. Through a combination of reading, video instruction, written assignments and meditations my clients gain insight and experience transformation in:

  • Understanding how the way they were parented impacts how they parent today;

  • Uncovering and acknowledging limiting beliefs that have them feeling stuck and shifting those to supportive beliefs they can rely on every day;

  • Learning about brain science and emotional intelligence and how they affect parents’ experience connecting with their children;

  • Establishing and holding boundaries without conflict and stress;

  • Working with their children to identify core family values.

Image by Artem Maltsev

If there are specific parenting topics or challenges you would like to address, then a custom path is right for you. We’ll start with an in-depth conversation about your parenting successes and your worries. Together, we’ll structure an approach for building on successes and addressing worries.  Over a series of weekly sessions, either via phone or in person, you’ll gain the insight and skills to forge ahead with confidence.


Some common topics clients bring include:

  • Setting and maintaining effective boundaries;

  • Communicating effectively with children;

  • Staying on the same page with partners/co-parents;

  • Exploring anger;

  • Understanding and addressing anxiety and depression in children.

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