Lessons of a Parent Coach - Setting Intentions

When I began my training as a parent coach in January 2018, one of the first assignments was to set intentions for myself and my children. I was asked to consider what I was looking for in my personal transformation as a parent, and what I would like my children to receive and integrate for themselves. With some time and experience under my belt, I thought I’d look back at those intentions to see whether they resonate today.

What Does Teenage Depression Look Like?

Given the twists and turns of life, there’s a good chance that each of us will deal with depression to some degree. Yet, when a teen’s feelings of hopelessness and despair take over, interrupting their daily activities and relationships, providing support for them is critical.

Suicide Ideation And Your Teen

While a quick study on suicide ideation, or suicidal thoughts, reveals that most individuals will not follow through with the act of killing themselves, entertaining thoughts on suicide should always be taken seriously. While depression (untreated) and/or drug abuse is often at the root of suicidal thoughts in teens, it’s wise to understand how the idea of suicide is classified professionally.

Wellness In The Wilderness

On the heels of the Outward Bound programs that made their way to the United States decades ago, wilderness education became part of therapeutic treatment after noticeable psychological and emotional benefits were observed. In turn, the 20th century has continued to provide wilderness education with dozens of programs treating adolescents with substance abuse to teens with behavioral concerns.

Transitioning Home After Treatment

For families reeling from the impact of their child’s anxiety, depression, or addiction, the road to recovery and eventual stabilization can be a bumpy one, filled with complexities and misunderstandings. While some children benefit from counseling or behavioral therapy alone, others enter a treatment facility or specialized program away from home. Thus, if your child is transitioning home after treatment, it’s vital for you to be prepared.

Social Isolation: Chance or Choice?

By nature, we think of teens as social creatures, right? Thus, when we notice that our sons or daughters are distancing themselves from social situations, we have to wonder if their social isolation is by chance or choice.

Internet Addiction: A Growing Concern

For children ages 8-18, “screen time” has always been a part of their lives. Thus, when it comes to Internet Addiction, there is a growing concern among this specific age group, with an average of 44 hours per week being spent in front of screens. While some children classify themselves as “gamers,” others are spending their time with other internet-based activities such as social networking, instant messaging, and blogging.

Teenage Depression

With ever-increasing demands and pressures, the teenage years are a delicate time where many question who they are and where they fit in. For parents, it may be difficult to determine if your child is experiencing normal teenage insecurities, or if there is an underlying causes that is greater and more serious.

Bullying: Long-Term Effects?

There’s no doubt that awareness of bullying has gained momentum across the United States, particularly from those brave enough to step forward. While removal from the situation is often the remedy, more and more studies are beginning to confirm that there are lingering effects, even into adulthood, for those that bully, for those that are bullied, and for those that play both roles.