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Member Rules

01: Group Intention

This group is for parents with at-risk kids seeking support from other parents who have had experience with their kids in residential treatment (RT). I am NOT an EC or professional in the Wilderness Therapy or RT fields or supporting organization.

02: Privacy

I promise to never ever screenshot pages of this group or share information from another parent’s post outside the group. Violators will be immediately removed or blocked.

03: No Promotions

I understand this group is not the place for promotions or spam. Members may NOT gain entry as a blog or a business, nor may they share information on services they offer for a fee.

04: Privacy-Don't share with Kids

I promise never to share the content of posts with my children. Information spreads quickly inside the various programs and can cause unintended consequences.

05: Keep Posts On Topic

I promise to keep posts on the topic of Wilderness Therapy and Residential Treatment.

06: Kindness

I will be kind when posting and responding to posts. We are all in this together and should be working to create a welcoming environment.

07: No Politics

I will not discuss politics. This is NOT a political forum.

08: Potential Members Must Seek Group Themselves

Membership will not be granted through invitation. Potential new members must request admission and answer all gateway questions.

09: Concerning Posts

If a post causes you concern, either reach out directly to the person who made the post or contact one of the administrators.

10: Block/Delete Members

I understand that I will be either warned, removed or blocked from the group if I violate the rules.

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