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Three ways parents

can help reduce teen anxiety


I'm sure you can think of all kinds of ways that you contribute to your teen/young adult's anxiety.  I want to give you some ways you can reduce it!


This video does just that. It offers insights and advice to open up communication and strengthen connection between you and your teen/young adult.  Inside you'll find:

  • Some elements of communication that might surprise you 

  • Encouragement to share your emotions in a constructive way

  • The importance of how you talk about yourself and others

As a loving and concerned parent, all you want is for your teenager or young adult to be happy, right?


But if you're the mother of a teen or young adult who lives with extreme anxiety and depression, supporting them in getting there is much harder than it sounds.

Anxiety and depression set up barriers to your child's happiness and success.  And the hardest part is, you never know what to expect.  One moment you're having what feels like a great conversation with them, and the next they're shutting down or lashing out.​

The mothers I work with often feel powerless, frustrated and overwhelmed by the impact of anxiety and depression on their kids and their inability to change it.

If this sounds like you, download my video Three Ways Parents Can Help Reduce Teen Anxiety by entering your name and email above to get some guidance and support on how to create calm and connection between you and your child.

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