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A safe and supportive space for parents of adolescents and teens living with anxiety and depression that disrupts their lives.

Meet Carolyn

Certified Parenting Coach

My name is Carolyn Guthrie Lambert and I am the mother of three fantastic children. I created Nathan’s Waypoint out of a passion to connect with parents whose journey, like mine, might not be “perfect.” I offer parents an empathetic sounding board to remind them that they are not alone in experiencing parenting challenges, especially around their children's anxiety and depression. I use the Conscious Parenting Model to guide mothers of anxious and depressed teens through strategies to relieve stress, build trust and support their child to develop strong coping skills.

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Parent Coaching


Understanding how

the way you were parented impacts how you parent today


Uncovering and acknowledging limiting beliefs that have you feeling stuck and shifting those to supportive beliefs you can rely on every day


Learning about brain science and emotional intelligence and how they affect your experience connecting with your children


Establishing and holding boundaries without conflict and stress


Working with your children to identify

core family values

Knowledge is power.

Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

- Kofi Annan

I have 10 grandchildren and if one of them struggled with debilitating anxiety I would seek help from Carolyn. She has the knowledge and caring ability to assist with this serious situation. To seek help from the proper person is so imperative.

- Dien C.

Carolyn has a unique ability to make connections with people. She is a compassionate listener with a depth of caring that you rarely find in people you first meet. I would describe her as strong, calm, capable, warm and armed with determination. Her combined professional and personal experiences make her the ideal resource to help navigate difficult times.

- Kaye S.

Carolyn Lambert is a warm, compassionate soul who I would trust to help me in any situation, especially one involving a stressed teen. She's come through the struggle of having an anxious teen herself, and her wisdom would be invaluable to someone new trying to navigate through solution options.

- Heather M.

Parent Testimonials


Focus on Anxiety & Depression

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Finding the path to parenting peace and wellness with a teen experiencing debilitation anxiety and depression is no easy task. I am here to help you navigate that journey. Sometimes, it is hard to know what is at the core of your child’s struggles. If the struggles are rooted in anxiety and depression, you may need something more than a traditional parent coaching program.

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