Wilderness programs for troubled teens have become a popular option for treatment. Getting back to nature and an untethered existence can be very beneficial for teens experiencing depression, anxiety, internet addiction and social issues. At Nathan’s Waypoint, we can help you explore all the treatment options available for your teen with anxiety issues, including wilderness programs.

There are many different kinds of wilderness programs available, often with different approaches to reaching wellness for teens. These are often referred to ‘boot camps’, but that name can be misleading. Most revolve around using outdoor activities to help teens overcome their stress, anxiety and depression. They learn new skills, commune with nature, find acceptance in group situations and begin building their self-esteem.

Wilderness Program for Severely Depressed Teenagers

If you have a severely depressed teen, a change of scenery could be just what they need. Wilderness programs offer sanctuary in a beautiful environment that can be uplifting to the spirit. When combined with therapeutic activities, new challenges and counseling, teens can find new outlets for expressing their feelings and learn coping methods. Some programs offer academic support so teens can keep up with their school work while getting the emotional and behavioral therapy they need.

These nature programs are designed to get teens out of their routine that has become toxic for their mental health. This can be especially helpful for those experiencing video game or internet addiction. Learning to enjoy life without electronics can be freeing and help them regain the social skills they can lose when preoccupied with too much screen time.

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