Teens with severe anxiety, depression or other behavioral issues often have difficulty in a traditional school environment. Social anxiety, low self-esteem and other issues can become a hindrance in getting the education they need and deserve. Therapeutic boarding schools offer a blended approach to treatment, giving teens access to the academic programs they require within a therapy-based environment.

Many therapeutic boarding schools offer experiential therapies that give teens different ways to express their emotions and feelings. Some offer rural settings with access to animals, outdoor activities and nature. They may also have advanced opportunities for finding creative outlets for emotional expression like music, arts, writing and drama classes. Alternative methods such as using yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques for coping may also be available.

Boarding School for Depressed Teenagers

Being in a therapeutic, social setting can offer benefits to many teens that suffer from anxiety and depression. Boarding schools that specialize in teens dealing with these challenges can offer them an environment where they feel accepted and can begin learning new ways to cope with their emotions. While this is not the right solution for every teen with anxiety, depression or addiction issues, for some teens it can put them on the right path to wellness. They can continue their academic education while getting specialized care.

Therapeutic boarding school is just one option for treating teens suffering from debilitating anxiety and depression and the associated emotional and behavioral challenges. As a parent, you want to make sure you are making the right decision for your child and your family. At Nathan’s Waypoint, we can help you explore all the different options available, including therapeutic boarding schools, to find the best choice for your teen. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation – we offer a free one-hour session for new clients.