Many teens experience periods of low self-esteem, but when it becomes a constant struggle, it can hinder them reaching their potential. Whether they lack confidence in their appearance, feel inadequate in social interactions or struggle in school, a low self-esteem can lead to bigger issues if not addressed. Low self-esteem is often included among the cluster of symptoms related to debilitating anxiety and depression in adolescents and teens. Nathan’s Waypoint can help you put together all of the pieces affecting your child and your family and support you through designing and following a path to a better place. Here are some of the symptoms to watch for:

  • Constantly criticizing themselves or making negative comments about their appearance or abilities
  • Avoiding eye contact or physical contact
  • Apologizes to others constantly
  • Avoids social situations
  • Critical of others or bullying; often a coping mechanism to make them feel better about themselves

Teens that do not believe they are equal to their peers can be targets for bullying and other negative behaviors, or worse, they can become the bully. Teens that feel like they are unworthy of praise or cannot measure up to others can struggle to meet the challenges facing them as they approach adulthood. Treatment can be the best option when additional help is needed beyond the support of their family.

Treatment for Teens with Low Self-Esteem

Bolstering self-esteem in teenagers can require treatment to uncover the source of their negative view of themselves. This can be outpatient individual counseling or therapy, or group sessions. If the self-esteem issue is combined with depression or suicidal thoughts, inpatient treatment may be required. The treatment will depend on the individual and what will work best for him or her and your family.

Low self-esteem in teens is not uncommon, but it can lead to deeper issues that begin manifesting in other areas of their life. IIf you have a teen suffering from low self-esteem as a symptom of debilitating anxiety,Nathan’s Waypoint can help you determine the best path to helping your child see their worth. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.