Internet addiction is often included among the cluster of symptoms related to debilitating anxiety and depression in adolescents and teens. Nathan’s Waypoint can help you put together all of the pieces affecting your child and your family and support you through designing and following a path to a better place.

Internet addiction is a fairly new mental health disorder, only recently added as a mental health condition that needs further study in the 2013 version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). However new, this disorder is very real and can pose risks to anyone caught in its grip.

Unlike most adults, teens have always had the internet as a source of entertainment and social interaction. Going online is part of their culture and everyday lives. It is when it becomes a haven to isolate themselves or they display symptoms of withdrawal that use of the internet can become a risk to their mental health. Some symptoms include:

  • Obsession with certain online websites, games or social media platforms
  • Showing irritability or anger if they cannot use the internet or their electronic device is taken away
  • Choosing to go online versus join in other social activities
  • Avoiding completing homework, chores or other responsibilities to spend time on the internet
  • Hiding their internet use or lying about the amount of time spent online
  • Noticeable change in their personal hygiene, eating or sleep habits in tandem with excessive internet use.

Treatment for Teen Internet Addiction

If your teen is showing signs or symptoms of internet addiction, there are sources for help and treatment. While this is an ever-changing field of study, addiction as a whole is not. However, unlike many addiction treatments that remove the addictive substance, treating internet addiction in teens revolves around finding a healthy balance and addressing underlying sources of anxiety.

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