In some cases, outpatient therapy for teens with anxiety or depression is not enough to get the desired results. Residential treatment centers are an inpatient option that can provide the structure needed for teens that need supervised or full-time therapeutic care. At Nathan's Waypoint, we help our clients determine whether residential treatment might be the right treatment option for their teen with anxiety or depression.

Residential treatment centers are typically recommended for teens with more severe anxiety or depression that need a more in-depth therapy in a supervised setting. This form of therapy involves a longer time commitment to address deeper emotional and behavioral issues. Teens reside at the treatment center with access to academic programs to keep them on track with their schooling, along with individual and group counseling onsite.

Residential Treatment for Severely Depressed Teenagers

Teens that are good candidates for residential treatment are often experiencing difficulty in school or displaying behavioral problems that have become out of control. They may have begun abusing drugs or alcohol, needing specialized care to overcome their addictive tendencies. Teens with suicidal ideation or severe depression can also benefit from residential treatment centers that offer 24-hour supervision.

Residential treatment centers are similar to therapeutic boarding schools in the fact that they offer outpatient treatment and academic classes. However, residential treatments generally are more focused on the therapy aspect of treatment, with therapists and counselors on staff at the centers. Boarding schools may contract from outside sources for their individual and group counseling services.

Nathan's Waypoint can offer education and insight into the different treatment options for your teen, including residential treatment centers. We offer a free one-hour consultation for clients to determine whether our services could benefit you and your family. Contact us today for more information.