Teenage Depression

With ever-increasing demands and pressures, the teenage years are a delicate time where many question who they are and where they fit in. For parents, it may be difficult to determine if your child is experiencing normal teenage insecurities, or if there is an underlying causes that is greater and more serious.

Bullying: Long-Term Effects?

There’s no doubt that awareness of bullying has gained momentum across the United States, particularly from those brave enough to step forward. While removal from the situation is often the remedy, more and more studies are beginning to confirm that there are lingering effects, even into adulthood, for those that bully, for those that are bullied, and for those that play both roles.

When it Takes More Than Counseling

At Nathan’s Waypoint, we’ve helped families find a new normalcy, guiding their teen with familial support to help him or her find their place in life. Sometimes, this means through a referral to a psychiatric hospital or inpatient clinic.

Helping Your Family Through Teenage Anxiety

Adolescence is an increasingly stressful time for both your son or daughter, and you as a parent. How can you be sure whether or not what your child is going through is normal, or if it’s something more severe like clinical depression or anxiety?