When it Takes More Than Counseling

Treatment for Teenage Anxiety and DepressionAt Nathan's Waypoint, we've helped families find a new normalcy, guiding their teen with familial support to help him or her find their place in life. Sometimes, this means through a referral to a psychiatric hospital or inpatient clinic.

Although there are no black-and-white checklists to follow, many families and teens seek treatment facilities when:

  • Your teen can no longer perform normal daily activities
  • Violence or anxiety interferes with the family unit
  • You continue to see your teen's anxiety or depression spiraling over time

Making a Difficult Choice

We work closely with parents, teens, and psychiatric professionals to provide a support network and educational materials to parents making this difficult decision for their child. When clinical counseling, medication, and camps aren't enough, a hospital or residential facility may be the next step. We can also make recommendations as far as successful programs that are in the area or provide financing programs to make treatment affordable.

The health and happiness of your teen can help to reduce the stress within your family...especially for any siblings that are involved. We understand what a challenging decision entering a treatment facility can be to make. Through our own experience with families that we've helped, and in families of our own, you can rest assured that we're here to help you make the difficult decisions of empowering your teen's future. Contact Nathan's Waypoint today to schedule a consultation.

Posted on behalf of Nathan's Waypoint