Transitioning Home After Treatment

Roswell GA Teenage Anxiety CounselorFor families reeling from the impact of their child’s anxiety, depression, or addiction, the road to recovery and eventual stabilization can be a bumpy one, filled with complexities and misunderstandings. While some children benefit from counseling or behavioral therapy alone, others enter a treatment facility or specialized program away from home. Thus, if your child is transitioning home after treatment, it’s vital for you to be prepared.

Returning home after treatment, though filled with joy for many families, can be a challenging time. For adolescents and teens, one of the greatest roadblocks during their transition home involves learning to manage the symptoms or behaviors that once controlled them. Yet, when families understand how to help, this stage becomes a time of confronting feelings and unhealthy ways of thinking and replacing those with truths and healthy thoughts. While the goal is for adolescents to move forward with a renewed perspective on their past and future, it’s important for families to understand that this transitional phase takes time, and greatly depends on a solid support system and encouragement.

As a new perspective is built, adolescents feel more confident approaching the damage of their past life and choices, and may even be able to set goals for their future. They may also develop an interest in expanding their social circle.

Healthy Perspectives For Families

Without question, when your child comes home after treatment, there’s a longing for balance and a better life, all around. Yet, coming home can be overwhelming, and your adolescent or teen may not respond in the way that you expect, leading you to feel disappointed.

Therefore, to develop a healthy perspective, family counseling is a wise first step to help rebuild trust and work through issues in a productive way.

On a mission to help families cope with the difficulties relating to adolescent anxiety and depression, Carolyn Guthrie Lambert began Nathan’s Waypoint following her own personal struggle with her son. She has become a trusted resource in Roswell and surrounding areas, and has helped many families make informed decisions concerning their children.

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