Are Fidget Spinners And Cubes Really A Helpful Tool For Anxiety?

Roswell GA Teen Therapy DoctorIf you're reading the title of this blog, and you have no idea what a fidget spinner or cube is, please read on! If you don't read about it here, you'll hear about it from your child soon enough.

Fidget spinners and cubes have risen into 2017's toy fad top spot! A fidget spinner is a flat round plastic toy that can fit into the palm of your hand. It has three paddle shaped spinners that can be balanced and spun around a circle piece in the middle. They range in cost from $3 to $4. Fidget cubes are cubes that have buttons and different 'activities' provided on each side. The spinners and cubes are used by elementary to high school age adolescents. It appears that college students haven't caught onto this fad quite yet.

Teachers are torn about the use of them. The fidget toys boast the ability to help calm anxieties and boost focus. Teachers are considering them a distraction in the classroom. The controversy is whether these little plastic things are toys for kids or tools for focus and anxiety.

It is almost impossible to conclude the effectiveness of the fidget toys. If you were to Google search "Fidget spinner" before December 2016 your search would have led you virtually nowhere! Therefore, no long-term studies have been, or will be done until they've been used for a longer period of time.

At Nathan's Waypoint, we know that your child's anxiety will be helped using a variety of treatment options such as counseling and therapy or an Education Consultant. We believe no one tool or toy will help your child with his or her anxiety. Call us today and schedule your free one-hour consultation, so we can help you navigate through your adolescent's anxiety in a healthy and helpful way.

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